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The EtC… Universe
Urban Metal

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from as low as 52 €

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Cocoon in your hotel in Strasbourg...

Our “Urban Metal” rooms, all on the raised ground floor feature a sleek yet comfortable design. Their modern and cozy decoration, in delicate grey, brown, and beige colour schemes and their unique furniture, have instant appeal.
All these rooms have metallic names: Chrome, Brass, Steel, etc.

All rooms offer :

  • -- Free WiFi
  • -- TV with international channels
  • -- Automatic alarm (on request at the reception desk)
  • -- Ensuite bathrooms with either bathtub or shower
  • -- Toilet
  • -- Blowdryer

Discover other universes

Sky and Water

Our “Sky and Water” rooms plunge you into a world of water full of dreams and peacefulness. Various shades of blue offer a relaxing atmosphere.

Earth and Mist

The “Earth and Mist" rooms are decorated in soft pastel colours, that draw you into a soothing, comforting universe.

Sun and Fire

Recharge your batteries and get a boost of energy in the “Sun and Fire” rooms, in an environment teeming with warm colours.

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