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The EtC… Universe
Sky and Water

Your room
from as low as 52 €

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Dream in the Strasbourg city centre...

Our “Sky and Water” rooms, all on the second floor (without lift), plunge you into a world of water full of dreams and peacefulness. The rooms offer a relaxing atmosphere in various shades of blue.
Escape urban life and lose yourself in the sea of our rooms with enchanting names like: Lagoon, Ultramarine, Pacific, etc.

All rooms offer :

  • -- Free WiFi
  • -- TV with international channels
  • -- Automatic alarm (on request at the reception desk)
  • -- Ensuite bathrooms with either bathtub or shower
  • -- Toilet
  • -- Blowdryer

Discover other universes

Earth and Mist

The “Earth and Mist" rooms are decorated in soft pastel colours, that draw you into a soothing, comforting universe.

Sun and Fire

Recharge your batteries and get a boost of energy in the “Sun and Fire” rooms, in an environment teeming with warm colours.

Urban Metal

Modern and cozy decoration, unique furniture, delicate grey, brown, and beige colour schemes. The “Urban Metal” rooms are designed like a sleek, modern house.

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